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Solid wood tables are 1½″ thick, continuous lengths of ash/oak with 3/16″ radius corners. Wood stains are protected with a durable

polyurethane lacquer.

Optional 3″ or 6″ Radius Corners Available

Edge Options

Available Sizes

Laminate Options

Bases Available

Custom Options





24″ x 24″

24″ x 24″ CT

24″ x 30″

24″ x 42″

24″ x 42″ CT

24″ x 48″

30″ x 30″

30″ x 42″

30″ x 48″

30″ x 60″

30″ x 72″

36″ x 36″

42″ x 42″

42″ x 42″ CT

48″ x 48″

24″ Round

30″ Round

36″ Round

42″ Round

48″ Round

Click to view Vitro laminates

Table Top Laminate Options


Customers have the ability to choose from hundreds of various laminate designs ranging from geometrics, line art, sports, wood, textures, to even custom images.

Wilsonart and Formica provide copious laminate choices. Click on logo to see.

"A" Series

"C" Series

"B" Series

*Bases are sold separately

"D" Series

1800 Series

F & G Cantilevers

"H" Series

Click here to view various base sizes

Want your logo on the table top? Want a custom size you do not see?


Call our office for custom decor options such as logos, specific wood stains, to
custom table top designs and sizes.

*Eased available

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